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City of the Damned Overview

CotD is a game about the choices we make to get the things we desire most, and the consequences that those choices give rise to. Porter, a powerful demon and guardian of Hell who is based at the Hotel Carlyle in Alphabet City, has enlisted the help of the player characters in order to help him capture ten sinister entities that escaped from his custody. In exchange, he has offered to grant them anything they wish, be it fame, money, security, advancement, or power. 

 The mages who decided to take him up on his offer are:

  • Peter  "The Great Gambini" Petrelli (Name courtesy of <u>Heroes</u>), a stage magician struggling to make his name as a star performer.
  • [[Francis P. "Frank" Duffy]], Peter's alcoholic talent agent who represents a number of terrible acts and struggles with marital problems.
  • Karen Thomlinson, a Daughter of Ether and starving artist who wants the recognition she feels she deserves for her work.
  • [[James "Jimmy" Phlaime]], a budding video game developer who wants to see his company's new console succeed.
  • [[Victor "Vic" D'Nozzio]], a private investigator who is compelled by the angry spirits of the restless dead to help put their affairs in order. 
  • Thompson Gromoreah, an insane martial artist with a quick temper who reacts violently and unpredictably to almost everything. 

Assisting this ragtag crew of mages is [[Mr. Who]], Porter's demonic brother and bitter rival, who seeks to upset his sibling and regain the seat of power on Earth that only one of them can hold at a given time.

 During the course of their missions, the players have encountered a variety of other characters, including:

  • Keith Haskins, a tabloid journalist and ex-Hermetic mage who works as an informant for the Technocracy and makes a little extra money on the side blackmailing unsuspecting mages.  
  • More to come later!

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