Porter is a demon,

a guardian of Hell’s dreaded brass gateway. Ordinarily, the affairs of the living world would not concern him, but ten of his charges-seven mortal sinners and three powerful and evil entities-have escaped. Desperate to recover them, he sends a tantalizing dream to several magick users around New York City, those most receptive to promises of wealth, glory, and happiness, offering them whatever they most desire in exchange for their help.

This is the story of the unfortunate mages who answered Porter’s call, and the irrevocable devastation that their decision to traffic with demons wrought upon their lives. As they fight to capture the missing spirits, they will face down their own demons-from within, and without-in a battle for survival and salvation itself. If they manage to succeed in their mission, Porter will grant their fondest wishes, but if they fail, their souls will join the ranks of those forever imprisoned under Porter’s watch within the hopeless gray walls of the city of the damned.

City of the Damned

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